With over a month left of Atlantic hurricane season, lasting until November 30th, Critical Facilities Solutions can help you get started on or bolster your data center hurricane preparation plan today.

Data center uptime in the face of natural disasters goes far beyond cost concerns. Data centers are often critical lines of communication for emergency responders and decision-makers who need to access data on weather conditions, community infrastructure, public health and safety.

For data center hurricane preparation, experts note that planning is key, including extensive training of on-site staff and security team members as well as predetermined load-shifting protocol for power resources. Gathering any necessary supplies and ensuring all tools and equipment are perfectly functional prior to the catastrophic event are also essential.

Many DC managers also recommend checking fuel levels and acquiring any additional fuel components, combined with spare parts and maintenance items. Physical anchors for extremely valuable data centers items can also be useful in case of exposure to high winds.

Most importantly, food, water, personal protection, communication systems, and bedding for staff must be provided. Often, a control room is established as a base of operation for the data center and a centralized monitoring office. A “buddy system” for technicians and other personnel is recommended as well.

In case of flooding, it is suggested to isolate the most critical servers with the power, cooling and other necessities required in the most secure area of the data center for as long as possible. In lowland areas or those prone to flooding, pump installation (and regular pump maintenance) is also helpful.

Hidden damage, such as in the event of an electrical surge, might impact equipment. A post-storm health check can discover any problems and their severity. Finally, using lessons learned from previous hurricanes or other disasters is an important component to bettering data center emergency response.

Before or after a natural disaster or catastrophic storm, Critical Facilities Solutions has a plan for your data center. To optimize, protect, and repair your mission-critical facility, trust CFS.

CFS has a comprehensive approach to servicing the whole of the data center environment. Their 25-year commitment to exceptional service ensures data center infrastructure optimization by lowering costs of operation, ensuring a safe work environment and extending its useful life.

With dedicated employees across the country, CFS is one of the few data center maintenance companies that can provide a full enterprise solution. CFS’ 7X24 disaster recovery services can be mobilized anytime, anywhere.  

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