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As you can probably guess I get to see quite a few Data Centres, Comms Rooms, Server Rooms, MMR’s, CCNR’s in a month. With the general awareness of Data Centre Cleaning on the rise I still wonder how many DC and Facilities Managers have considered all the risks of trailing patch and power leads in their environments. Even though I have always known that bad cable management caused additional high levels of contamination at rack level I have been noticing it more and more.

In the same way trailing leads and bad cable management increase heat and decrease airflow across the rack they also increase the level of contamination. The particles that aren’t trapped inside the server or switch would usually pass right through the rack and back into the airpath, where hopefully the return air filters would capture a large portion of the bigger particles.

The problem is twofold, removing this contamination once its inside the rack and preventing it from getting there in the first place. It’s tricky and time consuming with a variable risk factor once its inside the rack. It’s obviously better to remove much of the dust, dirt and other particles before they hit the front of the active equipment but what happens when its already in your rack? How many of you would be willing to give your current cleaning company the keys to your racks? My guess is not many of you!

CFS have tried and tested cleaning methodologies and experienced technicians that specialise in decontaminating live racks and active equipment. Contact us here for more information and to see how your DC would benefit from this service.

Author: Mike Meyer