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In my personal experience I have found that the best way to maintain the cleanliness of a critical environment, and especially Data Centres, is through a combination of Deep, Maintenance and Surface cleaning. Settled contamination is not the main perpetrator in the DC, airborne contamination causes more intermittent, read/write, performance and heat problems that settled dirt on or in the sub floor.

I have found on numerous sites that on-going daily/weekly cleaning using the wrong methods, tools and equipment by untrained personal causes more damage than good. The contamination is stirred up which causes it to be airborne more frequently, effectively shifting it around the room/environment without actually capturing and removing it.

What has proved the most effective way of removing the contamination (IN GENERAL) is to undertake quarterly surface cleans, 6 monthly maintenance cleans and yearly deep cleans, so effectively 4 visits per year. The first service we would drop off any schedule, if budget necessitated it, is the surface cleans. Secondly would be the maintenance clean and we would NEVER recommend anything less than one deep clean per 12-month period.

We have numerous clients and sites where we undertake additional weekly floor surface cleans for aesthetics; this does not negate the necessity for the schedule but only aids in a visually clean environment. These clients choose us over general cleaners as the need for risk mitigation, quality and proven methods remains unchanged, whether undertaking a simple surface clean or a complete deep clean. 

I realise that every DC is different and still take a bespoke approach to each recommendation I make. 

Here’s to keeping it clean, however you choose to do it. 

Author: Mike Meyer