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My question is why there hasn’t been more uptake on this initiative? One of the world’s leading insurance companies has created a bespoke insurance package that recognises and rewards data centres that demonstrate best practise. So why the slow uptake? Is the insurance cover not fit for purpose? Are there internal objections? Is changing provider or long-term contracts the problem?

Back in 2015 I was part of a 4-man team that conceived of the idea. We approached a broker who in turn generated the interest of the insurers. The idea was to recognise and reward data centres that could demonstrate best practice, that was always at the heart of the initiative.

Data centres that have been independently audited and or end users who choose to host in data centres which have achieved certain accreditations can all benefit from this range of insurance products and services which have been tailor made to support the data centre sector and its users.

Back then Steve Hone CEO of the Data Centre Alliance trade association commented, “As far as I am aware this is the first time this has been done and I am delighted the DCA could play its part in making this initiative a reality, it’s a big step forward for the sector and this would not have been possible without the continued support of key members and strategic partners, this is a great example of what can be achieved by working and collaborating together with the full support of a trade association such as the DCA behind you.”

4 years ago, we visited and assessed four Data Centre’s varying in size, design and location and in all cases the broker and underwriters provided costs with savings varying from 10’s of thousands of pounds to 100’s of thousand pounds, and furthermore, in each case the saving were more than adequate to cover the costs of the audits, accreditations and all other requirements to quality for the reduction in premiums.  

Yes, this proposition has market-leading cleaning standards provided by companies such as Critical Facilities Solutions built into it and the insurance underwriting has been customised to take this into account as one of the key differentiators.

I’m really interested to hear the industries thoughts on this.

Author: Mike Meyer