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Author: Mike Meyer

I’ve always wondered how import training is to some of my customers. There are those that insist on seeing ‘certificates’ or ‘proof of training’ and on the flip side those that have never asked anything about our training programs. While none of them would let an untrained or uncertified technician service their UPS, Generator or Chiller some may give a generalist an opportunity to deliver less ‘critical’ works such as floor leveling, fire stopping or ISO level cleaning.

I think there are a few reasons for this but the main one is legislation or warranty compliance. You need to have a certain level of qualification to work on power systems, or gas systems but, hey, a cleaner is a cleaner, what damage can sweeping up do, right?! Another may be the criticality of the equipment, or the perceived criticality. Ooh, it’s our UPS, it’s our ‘backup’ and if it fails we don’t have any power! Well, is that actually correct? If you have a generator or additional UPS or A and B feed it may only be ONE source of power. At the design stage, redundancy is built into many of these primary systems. It may in fact be less risky to service an off-line UPS in by-pass than to lift a floor tile out that’s hovering above your fiber cables, to inspect the stringers or integrity of the pedestals.

This begs the question; what training is best? I’ve seen a few courses pop up over the years for technical DC cleaning ‘accreditation’ or ‘certified’ DC cleaner. When I’ve reviewed and evaluated the content it makes me laugh out loud. The course work and subject matter is either so basic it’s scary or theory based and has nothing to do with the practicality of working in a live DC. General cleaners trying to deliver training for specialist services in critical environments, just doesn’t work.

We, my fellow colleagues and I, together with industry experts, have developed our own in-house training program that’s second to none. It has been developed from real life circumstances and scenarios combined with the experiences of people with 20+ years of data center design, fit-out, build, management, and yes, cleaning experience. It’s an intensive hands-on course with numerous modules that enable our staff to set themselves apart from competitors.

Microsoft, CISCO, Schneider and many others, certify people, albeit through accredited organizations, on their products and services because they know that there isn’t anyone better positioned then themselves to train people on their products and services. They develop the courses! I feel the same about my industry; why should we get a certificate from a ‘wet behind the ears’ organization on delivering services we’ve been delivering for decades?

Put us to the test. We have the most knowledgeable staff in the industry.