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Data Center Floor Cleaning

by Matthew Gleason

data center floor cleaningWith sweaty palms the Facility Manager reached towards the cold door handle to open the door and escort prospective clients into the data center. Thoughts raced through his mind wondering whether they’d be impressed enough to choose to store their equipment here. He felt confident, given that the data center had just been professionally cleaned – every rack inspected, clean, and free of contamination particulates.

However, as the clients walked through the door and the motion sensor lights came on, his prospects stopped short and looked around. One of them had fixed their gaze on the floor.

The Facility Manager could almost hear his clients critiquing thoughts and knew the site of the floor was, on a good day, dull and scuffed with many off set tiles. The floor hadn’t been replaced in years and its lackluster condition was blatant.

The data center cleaners always did a great job and often applied a static-dissipative solution when cleaning the floor, but it no longer seemed to be enough. The floor stood in stark contrast to the white-glove perfection of the rest of the room. The Facility Manager suddenly feared he would lose his prospects, but the thought of asking the executive board to put a floor replacement in the budget made him sick to his stomach.  There was no way, he thought, of getting a multi-million dollar project like that approved and budgeted.

Many of us have been in this situation. Whether showing prospective clients your data center or undergoing a walk-through with C-level executives, we’ve suffered the embarrassment of how our data centers appear, as they hold some of our company’s most valuable equipment.

data center tile cleaningWhat helps maintain that original shine the floor once had? What can you do about scuff marks? What can extend the longevity of data center floors? Through the 30+ years Critical Facilities Solutions has been in business we have found applying a buff and polish to data center floors goes a long way in maintaining the original look all of us desire to have, for many years.

Many are mistaken on the process of buffing and polishing floors. Typically, the thought of buffing and polishing a floor simply gives the shine back, but it does more than what the human eye can see. Buffing a floor as opposed to mopping it, will remove ground-in particles and ferrous metals and help reduce the particle count in the air. Many times, a mop can’t remove the scuff marks from those black soled dress shoes that many professionals wear. A mop can’t always remove those stains or off-colors from a tile or VCT tile floor, but a buffer can. The circular motion at speeds of 350 rpm with a buffing pad specifically to maintain floors, will remove all those unwanted imperfections and help maintain a level of perfection we all desire.

Working buffing into your annual budget is small in comparison to a floor replacement. Floor buffing and polishing ties into your regular professional data center cleaning and can take place during this process in a way that does not inconvenience you, your staff, or clients. Data Center floor polishing and buffing will make your floor last long with the shine and less grime that is imperative to a critical environment.

A clean data center floor looks infinitely more professional and just might help you land or keep a client.

Don’t make the mistake of letting your floors collect grime and contaminants until it’s too late.

Critical Facilities Solutions would be happy to come and give your data center the professional cleaning it deserves, including a strong polish and buffing of the floors!

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