Corporate Social Responsibility at Critical Facilities Solutions

CSR at Critical Facilities Solutions represents the company’s moral and social obligations to both its clients and the wider community. Its culture reflects the individual values the company stands for and how Critical Facilities Solutions puts these values into practice. These ensure Critical Facilities Solutions will:

  1. Meet regulatory and legislative requirements
  2. Improve relationships with people who are important to its business
  3. Manage the risks the company faces
  4. Spark innovation in its processes and services


Critical Facilities Solutions:

  • Always consider what recruitment, placement schemes or working practices will encourage greater diversity.
  • Think about where the company advertises vacancies and how it can reach a wider pool of recruits.
  • Talk to staff and find out what opportunities they see for promoting more diversity.
  • Set relevant targets for adding to the range of people among its employees, suppliers or customers.
  • Address any physical or practical barriers by considering what modifications might make it easier to accommodate e.g. disabled employees or working parents, such as the Access to Work program.
  • If barriers arise from attitudes and policies, the company considers who can help it to create a more positive framework and contribute to meeting its own targets.

Managing Resources

Critical Facilities Solutions:

  • Identifies the key resources used in its business and how much they cost
  • Has made management responsible for resource management and savings
  • Involves employees in identifying how to cut use of resources
  • Consults similar businesses on the ways they save on energy
  • Measures the savings and re-invest in efficiency projects

Minimizing Waste

Critical Facilities Solutions

  • Identify its key wastes
  • Involves employees in identifying how to reduce waste and recycle, including buying recycled products
  • Has a well-established recycling and waste reduction program
  • Monitors savings and invests in environmental initiatives


Critical Facilities Solutions

  • Encourages volunteering among its employees.
  • Identifies relevant community partners wanting volunteer support.
  • Will manage the scheduling/timetables to help employees volunteer and help the community.
  • Will monitor, review and support any volunteering program.


Critical Facilities Solutions

  • Understands the legal requirements for equal opportunities and non-discrimination.
  • Are developing a policy towards equal opportunities, covering all elements of equality (sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, union membership and belief).
  • Talks to staff about how things are working in practice and encourage them to raise any examples of unfairness or disadvantage.
  • Brings recruitment, employment and training procedures into line with policy.
  • Encourages applications from under-represented groups.
  • Considers what changes such as flexible working will help people with particular needs.
  • Trains managers and employees on equal opportunities.
  • Gets commitment from the highest levels on health and safety and supports others who want to take this further within the business.
  • Identifies potential hazards in the workplace and where these risks exist identify how serious they might be and how likely they are to occur.
  • Involves employees – they have a working perspective on problems and solutions.
  • Are prepared to make changes in the way it works to reduce risks.
  • Checks regularly that Critical Facilities Solutions is complying with health and safety legislations.
  • Makes a regular place on the management agenda for issues concerning the health of its staff.
  • Makes sure everyone knows the arrangements on health and safety.