Decentralized DNS

Invest in the future of your business by purchasing hashtag domains from a decentralized domain name service. Your hashtag domains will increase in value more and more as the exodus from the centralized internet to the decentralized Web continues to take place. If you’re worried about what’s in store for your business due to censorship from ICANN, Hashtag.Space has a solid solution that will help you effectively transition over to the Web 3.0. Hashtag domains are the newest decentralized domain name service that makes it easy for your customers to find your website on the decentralized internet.

3 Ways You’ll Benefit From Decentralization of DNS

1. If you value freedom of speech, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the decentralized internet and why so many internet users are leaving the centralized internet, permanently, in many cases. Since Barack Obama’s last week in office as the President of the United States, when he gave US control over the internet to ICANN, there’s been an encroaching increase in censorship on the Web, to the degree that some conservative and Christian website owners have been shut down completely, unable to engage in the global market or worldwide database.

A decentralized internet levels the playing field and eliminates the possibility of your website’s information being targeted for political, religious, or personal values. Being immune to censorship has its advantages, and you can believe there are plenty of them. Sharing ideas can go back to exactly that- sharing them- without fear of being suppressed for your particular point of view.

2. Decentralizing DNS not only eliminates the possibility of domain name seizure, but also makes domain theft nearly impossible. Most internet users own very few domain names and have not had first-hand experience with a domain theft, yet this type of crime occurs more often than you may think. Registering your domain name on a blockchain changes everything.

3. While ICANN requires every website owner to provide accurate personal information to register a domain name, a decentralized domain name service protects your privacy. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that WHOIS can keep your information private- the corporation, itself, is in possession of an extensive database of user information that is subject to hacking and/or the possibility of criminal employees.

Two Systems Taking Very Different Routes

ICANN has proven to internet users that it can’t be trusted. The collective user-base does not need any further proofs that those who own the centralized internet do not have our best interest as their focus; in fact, it’s a lot worse than you may have guessed. Your personal information is only the beginning of what is being sold to the highest bidder- think also about your shopping preferences, family photos, ‘private’ messages, and so on, and so on.

You can break free from the abject usery and get connected with a distributed decentralized domain name service where you can own your own hashtag domains and browse the Web without fear of censorship, political targeting, or communistic agenda b.s.- just a few of the countless systemic filings that currently plague the centralized internet.

The Value of Censorship Resistance

With government censorship gaining ground each and every day, it’s no wonder more and more internet users are looking for a way out. Saying ‘no more’ to ICANN doesn’t have to mean leaving the internet altogether; the decentralized internet that is being built as we speak is designed to resolve the biggest problems and challenges that stem from ICANN’s iron grip on the Web.

You can take part in the revolution taking place by downloading the MetaGate decentralized browser and move your Web content to the decentralized internet- it’s cheap and easy to do. As more and more individuals and business owners arrive on the Web 3.0, you’ll find an increasing number of reasons to stay.

We Stand at the Cusp of Greatness

As we hover over the precipise of something as profound as the decentralization of the internet, we can fail to take in the complete scope of what is happening right before our very eyes. Don’t allow the complex linguistics of a decentralized domain name service keep you from jumping in with both feet and exploring the possibilities and personal advantages you’ll experience by becoming a part of what is happening.

Freedom of information access without censorship is a dream that many have only dared to conceive of, yet it’s now become a reality, albeit, one in its infancy of development. You can get in on the ground floor of this amazing journey by registering for a free account on Hashtag.Space and purchasing your first hashtag domain.

Download the MetaGate decentralized browser from to search the Web 3.0. You can resolve your current website immediately on the decentralized internet by buying a # domain and typing in your URL. For more information about decentralized DNS, get with Hashtag.Space’s CEO, Robert Bibb, by calling 1-301-933-1944.

Decentralized DNS