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Step #2 – Blanking Panels

Eziblank panels keep hot exhaust air away from cool intake air, extending the life of your equipment, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the data center. Eziblank panels are affordable, easy to install and provide a quick ROI on energy savings.


Step #3 – Containment Doors

Preventing an improper air mix on the return path back to the CRAC/CRAH units is a struggle many data centers deal with. Using Upsite containment doors on either the hot or cold aisle can be a valuable asset in keeping the hot and cold air from mixing.

Containment doors reduce data center operating costs by improving thermal efficiency and reducing IT equipment intake temperatures, which improves both equipment life and reliability.

 Upsite Containment Doors

Upsite Containment Doors

Step #6 – Flooring


Though raised floors have a lifespan of 20 years, their weight capacity degrades much sooner, depending on their loads. Aging floors have been known to fail (either partial or full collapse), costing 100’s of thousands of dollars in equipment and/or data loss. Wood core and hollow steel floor systems often give a little bit of warning before collapse, whereas concrete floor tiles often give no warning. Shutting off equipment and/or moving racks is typically not a realistic option for replacing an aging floor. CFS has developed a system that allows for a full raised floor replacement without relocating cabinets or shutting down any equipment.

 Our flooring services range from the tuning and leveling of a floor to provide better fitting and safety, to a full ‘live’ floor replacement that requires no racks to be moved and no equipment to be shut down.

Step #7 – Tracking

With barcode labels or RFID tags from Enasys, you can track the lifecycles of equipment, prevent misplacement and theft, and conduct inventories with record-breaking speed and accuracy, providing more control over your resources.

 Handheld scanner

Handheld scanner

Step #1 – Cleaning

If a data center is not properly maintained when it comes to cleanliness one area that is often overlooked until it is too late is the amount of dust, dirt, hair, etc. that can build up on the intake grilles of equipment. Left unattended, this build-up will ‘choke off’ the airflow to the servers. The result is overheating and/or reducing the lifespan of the equipment. Valuable cooling and airflow also do not make it through the servers, increasing energy usage and driving up the cost of cooling. 

In today’s competitive CoLo market tours are often conducted for potential customers. A properly cleaned data center that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye is much more attractive to potential tenants.

ISO standards regarding the cleanliness levels of data centers are often used by equipment manufacturers to set acceptable levels of environmental cleanliness for their equipment. Keeping the data center in line with ISO standards is of the utmost importance to prevent equipment manufacturers from voiding warranties for non-compliance or an unsuitable environment.



Step #4 – Quantum Air Tiles

Quantum Air tiles have a proprietary vane angle that allows air to be distributed more evenly from top to bottom of a server cabinet. This allows for server cabinets to be loaded more equally from top to bottom, as well as more density to be added to each cabinet.

Installing Quantum Air tiles can drop the average inlet temperature of IT equipment

significantly, especially in open aisle configurations. The airflow leakage from under cabinet gaps can be minimized by installing Quantum tiles, maximizing cooling efficiency.

Quantum Air tiles, in conjunction with Containment Doors, have been independently proven to be a highly efficient, cost effective containment solution.


Step #5 – pMon

pMon makes three of the most important questions in the data center world today much easier to answer. How much am I spending/using on power? How much am I spending/using on cooling? Can I be more efficient? With real time kW usage vs kW requirement and real time PUE at your fingertips in an easy to navigate dashboard pMon offers pertinent information in a simplified, easy to use program.

pMon is the only monitoring platform with PUE & SNMP function embedded into its powerful hardware. pMon provides live data within seconds with a simple, concise data layout.

pMon will show detailed energy/power parameters, real-time PUE, and allows for meter readings to be compared side by side.



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