Indoor Surface Cleanliness Testing (ISO14644-9)

Critical Facilities Solutions test surface areas against the Cleanroom Class DIN EN ISO 14644-9 standard for Cleanrooms and machine rooms which encompasses Data Center’s. The tests are done using a calibrated surface particle counter. Critical Facilities Solutions aims to confirm that the Data Center and each room within it meets best practice guidelines. A single Surface Cleanliness Test measures the volume of particulate within a certain sample area but agitating the surface to release the particles and then using the same machine as we use for IAQT to evaluate and count volume of particulate.

ISO 14644-9:2012 establishes the classification of cleanliness levels on solid surfaces by particle concentration in cleanrooms and associated controlled environment applications. ISO 14644-9:2012 applies to all solid surfaces in cleanrooms and associated controlled environments such as walls, ceilings, floors, working environments, tools, equipment and products. The surface particle cleanliness (SPC) classification is limited to particles between 0,05 µm and 500 µm. 

The following issues are not considered:

  • requirements for the cleanliness and suitability of surfaces for specific processes;
  • procedures for the cleaning of surfaces;
  • material characteristics;
  • references to interactive bonding forces or generation processes that are usually time-dependent and process-dependent;
  • selection and use of statistical methods for classification and testing;
  • other characteristics of particles, such as electrostatic charge, ionic charges, microbiological state, etc.