Raised Access Flooring

Critical Facilities Solutions provides a complete solution for our customers’ raised access flooring requirements. Flooring Services Include:

New Installations
We provide a complete solution for your raised access flooring requirements. We don not subcontract; our installation engineers are all permanently employed and all have years of experience in raised floor installations and 1st hand experience installing floors for Data Center’s

Live Replacement
CFS specialises in installing and refurbishing raised access flooring in live environments. They can install an entirely new raised access floor or alternatively carry out refurbishment works which can be a cost-effective solution for an existing floor all while your Data Center is fully operational and live.

Repairs, Strengthening and Leveling
Do sections of your raised access floor wobble or stick up? Are you about to install a heavy piece of equipment? Do you have missing stringers or are your panels delaminating? CFS can offer remedies to all these problems and any other flooring repair issues you may have. CFS provides a comprehensive floor levelling service to eliminate H&S risks, We can supply and install new pedestals, pedestal caps and heads, to tighten up a loose floor we can install new black edging onto panels and foam tape between panels and around the edge of the room or install stringers between pedestals to provide extra lateral rigidity to the floor.

Ventilation Management
Good ventilation is crucial to an effective Data Center. CFS supply and install floor grills and perforated panels to match your existing ones, or provide ventilation management to a new-build Data Center or comms room.

Cable Entry Management
Based on industry data, in many cases 50-80% of valuable cooled air is not reaching the IT equipment due to unsealed floor openings. This lost air, known as bypass airflow, contributes to IT equipment hotspots, cooling unit inefficiencies, and increasing infrastructure costs. Blanking panels and KoldLok products specifically address bypass airflow and its detrimental effects on Data Center cooling. CFS can supply and install a range of products to combat this.

CFS can engineer, build and install specials frames to support heavy equipment, new units or to brace an existing floor.

Recovering Panels
CFS is a specialist in re-covering existing floor panels with new anti-static vinyl. This is often a cost-effective way of achieving a revitalized floor finish without the expense of a completely new floor.

Sub-Floor Sealing
Sealing of the concrete sub-floor is essential to prevent oxidation of the concrete and the resulting dust which can enter the ventilation system. After being cleaned, the floor is treated with a water-based sealant to seal in concrete dust and contamination. Cables around the room are identified and placed on wooden blocks to paint the floor underneath. Our technicians apply great care and attention when sealing a floor so that it is carried out neatly and without disruption to you.

Panel Sourcing, Replication and Supply
CFS supplies all sorts of raised access floor panels to all specifications. Anything from Heavy grade 38 mm core, Medium grade 30 mm core, Office type 28 mm core, Extra heavy grade 42 mm core in both standard or gridlock types; vinyl, laminate or bare. All floor panels supplies or uses have been fully tested by a NAMAS accredited laboratory to the MOB PSA PF2 PS/SPU March 1992 Heavy Grade specification and are certified as being fully compliant. Depending on tile selected most of CFS floor panels have a 3 times working load safety factor, class ‘0’ spread of flame resistance and a 25 year guarantee. If its not a common panel or is end of life CFS can source them or get replication panels made to meet the some specifications.

Ramps & Steps
CFS can supply and fit bespoke steps, ramps and handrails leading into your Data Center.

Sub-Floor Fire Prevention
To minimize risk to a Data Center, fire prevention is essential underneath the sub-floor. CFS can install whole sections of fire retardant products, or repair small holes using a number of different fire-retardant materials. We then inspect and issue certification.

Download our live floor replacement brochure here.