Raised Floor Replacement Made Simple with Live Lift

Stay live throughout the entire replacement process

Live Lift is our proprietary service that allows you to replace raised access floor systems without shutting down your server operation. We understand that critical facilities can’t afford to have any downtime, even when it’s time to replace a raised floor. With Live Lift, our team uses our proprietary system to lift one or more server racks or cabinets simultaneously in order to replace the raised flooring tiles underneath them.

Why service or replace your raised access floor systems

A raised floor is an elevated structural floor above a void where cable management raceways, electrical wiring, and facility cooling systems are located. They are typically found in data centers, offices, call centers, command centers, 911 call centers, libraries, and classrooms. These systems have an average lifespan of about twenty years, but they require ongoing maintenance and attention to avoid weakening of the tiles, which could lead to a partial or full floor collapse.

That’s when our team comes in.

Raised Floor Replacement with Live Lift

How it works

Here’s the process for replacing or repairing your raised floor without shutting down your operation.

Remove floor tiles surrounding server racks

1. We remove the floor tiles
surrounding the server racks.

Proprietary Support System placed on subfloor

2. Proprietary support system is
placed on the subfloor.

Place Mounting System under the cabinet

3. We place our mounting system
under the cabinet.

Proprietary system raises server rack

4. Our proprietary system raises the
server rack in unison.

Old tiles are removed to replace new ones while cabinet is lifted

5. We remove the old tiles and add the new ones while the cabinet is lifted.

Floor tiles surrounding server racks are replaced

6. The floor tiles surrounding the
server racks are replaced.

What we do

Critical Facilities Solutions has been installing, strengthening, leveling, and replacing raised access flooring for over twenty five years, and Live Lift is the culmination of that experience.

Below are the services we offer to help you manage repairs and installations in your facilities. Click each one for details.

The weight bearing capacity of your raised floor decreases as pedestals and stringers deteriorate. Our inspectors will evaluate your entire substructure to see whether there are any issues before they turn into large problems.

We replace your entire floor system or refurbish your existing one with zero downtime for your facility.

Our team handles leveling, tightening floor panels, panel edging work, and stringer installation between pedestals to provide extra lateral rigidity to the floor.

CFS supplies and installs floor grills and perforated panels to match your existing ones or provides ventilation management to a new data center comms room being constructed.

We seal cable entry locations to prevent the escape of cooled air and ensure that your servers stay at the right temperature for efficient operation.

Our team of engineers build and install special frames to support heavy equipment, new units, or to brace an existing support.

When the cost of a complete raised floor replacement is out of budget, resurfacing the existing floor panels is an option.

Sealing the subfloor beneath your raised flooring will help prevent the oxidation of concrete and the resulting dust that can damage your ventilation system.

We can install whole sections of fire retardant products beneath your raised floor, or repair small holes using a variety of different fire retardant materials.

CFS supplies panels of all types and specifications. We offer everything from an extra heavy grade 42mm core to a lighter, office grade 28mm core, in both standard and gridlock types, vinyl, laminate, or bare flooring. All panels are fully tested by a NAMAS accredited lab and are certified as being fully compliant.

Contact Critical Facility Solutions to replace your raised floor with zero downtime today!