Remain completely live during our proprietary raised access flooring replacement service


Live Lift is a proprietary raised floor replacement service. It is special because our unique process allows for the critical facility to remain completely live during the entire raised floor replacement. Of course, we can’t give away all of our secrets, but a simplified explanation of how we accomplish this incredible feat is outlined below. For more detailed information on the process, contact us today!


Raised access flooring
needs to be replaced

Floor tiles surrounding the server racks are removed

Hydraulic lifts are placed
on the subfloor

Steel beams are placed on the hydraulic lifts

More steel beams are carefully inserted, one-by-one, under the cabinet and above the steel beams sitting on the hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifts raise cabinet in unison

While the cabinet is lifted, the old floor tiles and understructure are removed and new tiles and understructure are installed

Hydraulic lifts lower cabinet in unison

Floor tiles surrounding the server racks are replaced

Raised access flooring has been replaced


– Multiple cabinets can be lifted at the same time—even cabinets that are bolted together can be lifted together

– Our team can work around overhead cable trays that are bolted or fastened to cabinets

– We can take containment systems down for the service and put them back together at the completion of the project

Why You Need Your Raised Floor Serviced

A raised floor is an elevated structural floor above a hidden void where cable management raceways, electrical wiring, and facility cooling systems are contained.

Raised floor systems have a variety of applications and aside from data centers they are often utilized in offices, call centers, command centers, 911 call centers, libraries, classrooms – and pretty much anywhere that an efficient cable storage system is needed.

Raised flooring systems have an average lifespan of twenty years (as stated by manufacturers), but require ongoing maintenance and attention in order to avoid the weakening of the tiles which could lead to a devastating partial or full floor collapse.

Critical Facilities Solutions have been installing, strengthening, leveling, and replacing raised access flooring for over twenty-five years and offer a full-range of flooring services to ensure you never have to worry about your flooring system again.

Zero-Downtime Raised Floor Services


The lifespan of a raised floor is about twenty years, although with each passing year its weight-bearing capacity decreases as pedestals and stringers deteriorate. In addition, floors may delaminate or gaps may appear. If you are uncertain of how much weight your floor can take or what is required to bring the whole system aesthetically and mechanically up to standards, our inspectors will evaluate your entire substructure and provide alternatives and solutions.

Repairs, Strengthening, Leveling

We identify and remedy any flooring issues you may have. These services may include levelling to eliminate H & S risks, tightening floor panels, panel edging work, and stringer installation between pedestals to provide extra lateral rigidity to the floor.

Ventilation Management

Good ventilation is crucial to an effective data center. CFS supplies and installs floor grills and perforated panels to match your existing ones, or provides ventilation management to a new-build data center or comms room.


We can engineer, build, and install special frames to support heavy equipment, new units, or to brace an existing support.

Sub-Floor Sealing

Sealing a concrete sub-floor prevents the oxidation of concrete and the resulting dust which can enter the ventilation system and wreak havoc. After a thorough cleaning, the sub-floor is treated with an acrylic sealant to seal in concrete, dust, and contamination.

Panel Sourcing, Replication, and Supply

We supply panels of all types and specifications. Anything from an extra heavy grade 42mm core on down to a lighter, office grade 28mm core – in both standard and gridlock types, vinyl, laminate, or bare. All panels are fully tested by a NAMAS accredited lab and are certified as being fully compliant. Most of our panels have a 3 times working load safety factor, class ‘0’ spread of flame resistance, and a 25 year guarantee. If the panels you need are not common or are at the end of life, we can easily source them or find top-quality replication panels.

New Raised Floor Installations

Building a new facility that needs raised flooring constructed? We’ve been doing that for over 25 years, without subcontracting. All of our installation engineers are permanently employed with us and are raised flooring installation technical experts.

Live Raised Floor Replacement

This means zero downtime for your facility, whether you need a complete floor replacement or simply cost-effective refurbishment work. Replacement includes both new tiles and understructure.

Cable Entry Management

It is estimated that 50 to 80 percent of valuable cooled air is not reaching IT equipment in data centers due to unsealed floor openings such as cable entry locations. This valuable lost air contributes to hotspots, cooling inefficiencies, and increasing infrastructure costs. We supply and install a range of products such as blanking panels and Koldlok products to combat this.

Resurfacing Panels

One of our specialties is resurfacing existing floor panels when the cost of a complete new floor is not an option or raised floor replacement panels aren’t available.

Ramps & Steps

We can supply and fit bespoke steps, ramps, and handrails leading to your data center.

Sub-Floor Fire Prevention

To minimize risk to a data center, fire prevention is essential beneath the sub-floor. We can install whole sections of fire retardant products, or repair small holes using a number of different fire-retardant materials. We then inspect and issue certification.



  • Annual Inspection
  • Biannual grid system adjustments
  • Rotate panels in heavy-traffic areas four times per year
  • Replace delaminated or warped panels immediately
  • Immediately fix untrimmed cutouts
  • As needed, replace missing parts such as edge trim, stringers, and gaskets
  • Install support pedestals prior to new equipment installs


  • Establish a cleaning protocol that reflects traffic and soiling conditions
  • Install mats at entry points to minimize particulates that enter the environment
  • Dust mop daily with a dustlifter system
  • Twice a year – chemical clean area according to NEMA guidelines.
  • Twice a year – vacuum understructure & subfloor
  • Twice a year – clean perforated panels
  • Twice a year – clean carpeted access floor
  • Spot clean scuff marks as needed
  • Three times a week – vacuum carpet areas with a static-dissipating rod equipped vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum carpet panels three times a week with a static-dissipating rod
  • Clean as needed with a NEMA-approved, damp, lint-free rayon mop
  • Remember to never wax an access floor.