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Data Centre Cleaning


Critical Facilities Solutions provide our customers with specialist cleaning services tailored to critical environments such as power and plant rooms, Data Centres, MMR, CCNR, communication, server, patch and distribution rooms.

We encompass the full life cycle of any facility from a Greenfields site or ‘shed’ at construction stage to a fully populated and live facility. Our services are bespoke and designed around you and your tenant’s or client’s requirements and are always in line with the latest industry best practice. We are continually looking for ways to innovate and improve efficiency.

We service our customers directly and via established FM partners. Data Centre Cleaning Services Include:

– Data Centre Cleaning
– ISO14644-1 Cleaning
– Data Centre Construction – Bespoke Project / Handover Cleaning
– Server & Comms Room Cleaning


Post Construction Cleaning


Critical Facilities Solutions is a specialist in the specification and delivery of construction and post construction technical cleaning to IS014644-1 standards. We provide a detailed specification and plan for all your cleaning requirements.

Communication and reporting is critical and the information we provide is valuable in determining progress with the recommendations provided highlighting immediate improvement initiatives. As part of our service we monitor the air quality continuously to highlight any changes in the quality which we use to manage the project more effectively thus enabling us to respond quickly to changing circumstance.

We have the capability and the operational experience to deliver hyper scale data centre cleaning projects across the globe. 


Zinc Whiskers


Critical Facilities Solutions partner with our customers to identify, trace, test, confirm and control Zinc Whiskers. We remediate or replace infrastructure, where possible, or manage the Zinc Whiskers as part of a bespoke cleaning package.

We investigate the source and cause of Zinc Whiskers in critical plant, power and Data Centre environments within UPS’s, active equipment, IT hardware and servers, right down to component level; sub-floor and ceiling voids; raised access flooring structures and panels; containment solutions and throughout the facility. Zinc Whisker Services include:

– Sample Collection and Analysis
– Laboratory Reporting
– Remediation
– Specialist Cleaning
– Testing & Consultancy


Raised Access Flooring


Critical Facilities Solutions provides a complete solution for our customers’ raised access flooring
requirements. Raised Access Flooring Services Include:

– New Installations
– Live Replacement
– Repairs, Strengthening and Levelling
– Ventilation Management
– Cable Entry Management
– Frameworks
– Recovering Panels
– Sub-Floor Sealing
– Panel Sourcing, Replication and Supply
– Ramps & Steps
– Sub-Floor Fire Prevention

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Passive Fire Protection


Critical Facilities Solutions provides our customers with a complete passive fire protection service. We understand the importance of passive fire protection within the critical environment and our trained technicians are able to fulfil and deliver all aspects of passive fire protection. We survey, locate and remediate open apertures that are a potential fire or H&S risks to the facility.

Services Include:

– Fire Walling
– Fire Baton Installation
– Aperture Sealing
– Fire Retardant Expanding Foam
– Fire Retardant Cable Transit Units

Testing and Consultancy


Critical Facilities Solutions offers independent consultancy services on Data Centre contamination management and control in four main areas: Initial Design Phase; Construction, Building and Fit-Out Phase; Live Data Centres and Environmental Assessment and Testing. Testing & Consultancy Services Include:

– Indoor Air Quality (ISO14644-1) Testing and Certification
– Indoor Surface Cleanliness (ISO14644-9) Testing and Certification
– Contamination Collection, Lab Sampling and Source Detection
– Compliance Verification
– Post Clean Audits
– ‘White Glove’ Inspections and Reporting

Asset Auditing


Knowing where your data centre assets are at any given time should be of primary concern.  With greater compliance and legislation dictating data security, obtaining a more accurate data centre audit of your IT assets has never been so important.  In partnership with Enasys, Critical Facilities Solutions can help with customised data centre asset tracking and auditing services.