What makes Critical Facilities Solutions services right for you?

Its simple, to be the best you need to work with the best. Critical Facilities Solutions is continually morphing and evolving in response to innovation and changes in the market ensuring we are always in prime position to meet all our customers needs. We stay ahead of the curve so we can educate and keep our customers informed about legislation, best practise and innovation.

CFS is a niche service provider and we don’t want to be all things to all people! Critical Facilities Solutions knows what disciplines we are good at and we continue to excel at those disciplines. Data Center Lifecycle Cleaning, Raised Access Flooring, Zinc Whisker Testing & Management, Passive Fire Protection and Testing & Consultancy, that’s what we do and what we will continue to do as a company. Having these services as our focal point we continually hone our skills and adapt accordingly. We never compete with our customers and work alongside them as trusted advisors and service partners.

Critical Facilities Solutions people are Data Center people, they are Critical Facilities people and to successfully maintain and manage those environments ultimately requires a thorough understanding of all the contributing factors in and around those environment. Design; construction; layout; direct, in-direct, in-row or fresh air cooling; raised access floor and solid floor arrangements; up-flow, down-flow, in-row, variable speed and fixed speed- belt driven air handling units, all of these variables constantly challenge our service delivery and methodology. Meeting these daily challenges calls for a deeper understanding of the environment as a whole. Our team have a holistic understanding of each part of the environment and how each interacts with another.

Key business drivers to choose Critical Facilities Solutions Services:

Increase Efficiency, through…

professional cleaning and air quality management, airflow optimization to eliminate bypass and wraparound airflow, floor integrity to direct air effectively and to seal ingress points, isolation of unused areas, realign your service delivery, redesigning your delivery methodology

Reduce Costs, through…

reducing excess cleaning activates, stopping ‘over cleaning’, using niche specialists with reasonable overheads, adopting volume based rebate structure, implementing robust policies & procedures and adoption of best practices