Data Center Cleaning – Why Clean?

Three factors have a bearing on why Data Center’s should undertake proactive, effective and ongoing specialist cleaning. These are:

1. Airborne Contamination – Its inevitable that your environment will be impacted by airborne contamination at some point. Its constantly generated by diverse sources such as industrial plants, diesel fumes, passing traffic, human traffic, cardboard, paper and even the equipment within the Data Center itself.

2. Settled Contamination – Once the airborne contamination lands on a surface we refer to it as settled. If this settled contamination lands on the internals of equipment it can harm the electronics in numerous ways such as thermal clogging causing loss of performance, intermittent errors, wasted energy and even catastrophic failure.

3. Density – As the technology market transforms at a rapid pace so does the design and construction of the equipment within your Data Center. Its smaller and denser meaning more opportunities for contamination to settle, its higher powered which means more heat, its virtualized meaning more business critical, its packed closer together meaning less ways for contamination to bypass it. All these factors make it susceptibility to contamination.