Post Construction Cleaning

Critical Facilities Solutions is a specialist in the specification and delivery of construction and post construction technical cleaning to IS014644-1 standards. We provide a detailed specification and plan for all your cleaning requirements. If engagement is early enough Critical Facilities Solutions will have the opportunity to provide the best advice available.

Communication and reporting is critical on any project but especially so on construction projects thus making the information we provide even more valuable in determining progress at each stage of the build. Our recommendations highlight any immediate improvement initiatives that could be implemented.

As part of this ongoing service we monitor the air quality continuously to highlight any small changes in its quality which we can then use to manage the project more effectively. It enables us to respond quickly to changing circumstance.

This service is broken into two categories, Maintenance Cleaning and Clinical/Deep Cleaning (also known as handover cleans, sparkle cleans, final cleans) but in terms of Data Center the Clinical/Deep Clean refers to the ISO level final clean. So as well as delivery ongoing maintenance cleaning from shed to project completion we can also deliver the final clinical clean needed to ensure handover to client is performed within project timescales and to the correct level of ISO cleanliness.

We have the capability and the operational experience to deliver hyper scale Data Center cleaning projects across the globe.

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