Data Centers are designed to host the sensitive IT equipment which forms the backbone of an organization’s infrastructure. As a result, any unscheduled downtime has the potential to cause major disruption to a company’s systems and operations, not to mention the potential for lost revenue. It is therefore vital to maximize availability, minimize downtime and avoid the risk of invalidating hardware warranties – making Data Center cleaning a must for any conscientious organization.

Dust, Dirt, Sand, Pollen, Human Particulate and other Contamination within Data Centers builds up from internal and external sources. Left unchecked, it will, as a minimum, cause equipment to retain heat and at worst, cause equipment to fail. In addition, power efficiency will decrease as active equipment works harder to keep the environment cool. You should only use the most advanced and appropriate equipment available. In the Data Center cleaning process, equipment surfaces should be cleaned using Tak cloths, with highly interwoven fibers, and, where applicable, vacuumed using three stage HEPA-filtered vacuums. In addition, the surfaces of the floor panels should be cleaned using specialized anti-static equipment and solutions.

Most OEM and hardware manufacturers including Sun MicroEMC and HP recommend that the sub-floor void be cleaned twice per annum by a professional data center company, especially if air flow is being directed through the floor void. If data center cleaning has never been undertaken in your facility, an initial site preparation service (Initial Deep Clean) may need to be performed. This full data center deep clean may include every square inch of the Data Hall; sub-floor void; floor and equipment surfaces; pedestal and stringer substructure. This is to ensure that your facility is as dust and contamination free as possible. The data center environment should meet the minimum Cleanroom Class DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (Cleanroom Class US Fed.-STD. 209E) standards, in line with hardware manufacturers’ warranties.

CFS takes a holistic approach to its data center cleaning services, which includes cleaning every area and part of your facility both internally and externally on a one-off basis or as part of a thorough preventive maintenance program. We can also provide disaster recovery cleaning services, with turnaround times between 4 – 24 hours, for post gas suppression release, refrigeration unit leaks, water leaks, flooding, fire, smoke or any other emergency.