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data center cleaning


Why is data center cleaning important?


When you consider the fact that your data center is home to valuable, mission-critical equipment, it’s easy to understand why you’d want to keep that space contamination-free.

Contamination – dust, dirt, sand, pollen, and other solid and airborne particulates, accumulate in a data center over time. Which means they’re building up on your equipment, servers, heat syncs, fan bearings, and vents – all of which can lead to corrosion, thermal clogging, malfunctioning equipment, and in the worst-case scenario – catastrophic failures. So much for that zero downtime!


Why Conduct Routine Data Center Cleaning?


Airborne Contamination

It’s inevitable that your data center will be impacted by airborne contaminants, whether they be skin, pollen, construction dust, hair, sea salt, fibers, electrostatic dust, ferrous metal particles, or any number of corrosive gases.

Settled Contamination

When airborne contamination lands, it becomes “settled.” And given that these tiny elements have a way of making their way onto and into delicate equipment, it’s no surprise that thermal clogging, data loss, and catastrophic equipment failures are often among the unintended, expensive consequences. Even if disastrous consequences aren’t immediate, it’s important to note that the more contamination accumulates on mission critical equipment and in air filters, the more equipment productivity will decrease as well as the more energy will be wasted.


As the tech market continues to rapidly evolve, so to does the design and construction of the equipment within your data center. It’s smaller and denser, meaning more opportunities for contamination to settle. It’s higher-powered which means more heat, and there’s less space which means less ways for contamination to bypass equipment.


Our Data Center Cleaning Services


With more than twenty-five years under our belts in the data center services industry, we can clean your critical environment whether it’s a power and plant room, data center, MMR, CCNR, communication, server, patch, or distribution room. Whether you’re in the construction stage, need post construction cleaning, or you’ve simply got a populated, live facility that needs a sound cleaning, we’ll do it quickly, thoroughly, and with zero downtime.

When our cleaning is complete, we’ll take real-time air quality tests to show that the space has reached the recommended level of air cleanliness.

Services Include:

  • Data Center Cleaning
  • ISO14644-1 Cleaning
  • Data Center Construction Cleaning
  • Bespoke Project / Handover Cleaning
  • Server & Comms Room Cleaning
  • Disaster Recovery Cleaning

Most OEM and hardware manufacturers including Sun Micro, EMC, and HP recommend that the sub-floor void be cleaned twice per year by professional data center cleaners, especially if airflow is being directed through the floor void.

If your data center has never been cleaned, an initial site preparation service (initial deep clean), may need to be performed. This full data center deep clean may include every square inch of the data hall, sub-floor void, floor and equipment surfaces, and the pedestal and stringer substructure. This is to ensure that your facility is as dust and contamination free as possible.

Your data center environment should meet the minimum Cleanroom Class DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (Cleanroom Class US Fed. – STD – .209E).