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Critical Facilities Solutions has been ensuring the cleanliness and care of technology intense and critical infrastructure environments for more than 20 years and as always, is available 24/7 to meet your requirements.

Save Money & Energy
Save Money & Energy

Optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and lower energy consumption

Data Center Cleaning Services
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Comprehensive data center cleaning services by experts

Emergency services available in North America and in EMEA.
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Emergency services available in North America and in EMEA.

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Overview of Services

Data Center Cleaning

Data Center Cleaning

Cleaning services designed around your unique requirements and always in line with the latest industry best practices.

Containment Solutions

Containment Solutions

Custom designed containment solutions and installation.

Raised Floors - Live Lift

Raised Floor Replacement

Replace raised floors without having to shut down any part of the data center, or relocate a single piece of equipment.

Prevent Business Disruptions and Financial Loss by Improving Equipment Reliability

Critical Facilities Solutions Data Center and Facility cleaning services ensure that sensitive technology areas are free from contaminates and conditions that contribute to unexpected downtime. Whether you are need of an initial cleaning and/or a scalable maintenance program, CFS has the experts to assess their cleaning needs and recommend a program that meets your customer’s specific site requirements.

Data Center and Facility Cleaning Services

We Improve the Efficiency, Safety and Well Being of Your Assets and Employees

CFS Data Center Services helps major data center operators across the U.S. keep their facilities clean and contamination-free. Expertly trained specialists clean all types of environments, ranging from call centers and command centers to web hosting, data processing, colocation, and telecom facilities. Our expertly trained and supervised technicians will be there on time and deliver exceptional care and expertise and complete with a site survey and project audit for compliance and long-term preventive maintenance.

EPA Compliant
24 Hour Service
CDC Compliant
SDS Available

Coronavirus Cleaning Experts

Contact CFS for Coronavirus/COVID-19 data center cleaning and disinfecting services for your facility today. Whether it is a data center and critical space, office space, warehouses, manufacturing plants or another general use facility, CFS is up to the task.

Our Services

Comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions for data center, commercial, healthcare and other controlled environments.

Data Center Cleaning

Data Center Cleaning

Using innovative technology and advanced cleaning processes, our skilled professionals ensure your data center environment exceeds the industry’s highest standards for contamination control, maintenance, and safety.

Live Lift - Raised Floor Replacement Service

Raised Floor Replacement

Live Lift is a proprietary raised floor replacement service. It is special because our unique process allows for the critical facility to remain completely live during the entire raised floor replacement.

Containment Solutions

Containment Solutions

Critical Facilities Solutions custom-designs, builds, and installs completely turn-key containment solutions for data centers of all sizes. However your data center is setup, our team of critical facilities experts, engineers, and installation technicians will create a containment system that will save you money in energy costs.