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EZIBLANK® Blanking Panels are a well-received, innovative data center product made of the highest quality of flame retardant (UL94 V0) ABS plastic. Molded with precisely engineered clips, EZIBLANK® Blanking Panels can be installed easily onto square mounting holes of any EIA-310-D compliant 19” server rack to prevent recirculation of hot exhaust air within server racks.

The snappable feature of the EZIBLANK® Blanking Panels makes them the perfect server rack accessory for data center operators where separated panels can be installed and reused onto different RU heights of unused space.

Available in Standard and Universal.

Lowest Price Point per RU
Most flexible Tool Less solution
ONLY UL 94 VO Listed product on the market
Low volume for cost effective transportation and storage
Fastest to Install


EZIWALL® replacement racks are assembled in minutes, creating a stable rack sized air flow barrier, that can be positioned anywhere and reused again and again.Assembled from a flat sheet, EZIWALL® panels build quickly into a strong, stable triangular structure. Each individual rack consists of 1 sheet of 7.5′ x 7′.


Available in a standard U.S. floor tile size with an anodized finish, a single Quantum Air Tile™ can service up to two standard enclosures for a cost-effective cooling solution. Quantum offers vented and directional vane controls that are designed to route conditioned cool air supply to targeted enclosures without the dependency of integrated tile fans or cabinet fan systems to draw air into the cabinets. This passive solution gives exceptional thermal results that are superior to conventional perforated floor tiles.

The Quantum Air Tile has been designed to improve the airflow to IT equipment in the data center environment.


Critical Facilities Solutions offers a range of raised floor tile services from complete floor construction to repairing and leveling existing raised floors.  Critical Facilities Solutions also provides the unique Live Equipment Remodeling floor service that allows replacement of parts or an entire floor with no downtime.

Critical Facilities Solutions can also supply new raised floor tile panels and other replacement parts.


by Upsite Technologies

Our sliding doors offer data center aisle-end containment in just minutes and without the need for contract labor. The tool-less design allows for quick and easy installation, removal, and re-installation with exclusive Magswitch® technology – no drilling required.

The Sliding Doors reduce data center operating costs by improving thermal efficiency and
reducing IT equipment intake temperatures, which improves both equipment life and

The Sliding Doors are 85 inches high and available in two widths – one that accommodates aisle up to 4’6” (1372 mm) and one for aisles up to 6’6” (1981 mm). Both Sliding Door sizes are available in either black or white and have an optional Transom Window for an increased total height of 93 inches.


The pMon is an environmental monitoring platform that provides live data within seconds in a simple, concise layout.

pMon shows detaile energy / power paramaters, real-time PUE, and allows for meter readings to be compared side by side.

pMon is the only monitoring platform with PUE and SNMP function embedded into its powerful hardware.

While you’re busy outfitting your data center with these incredible products, you might also want to consider the high quality 19″ Server racks at our sister company e-Systems Group.

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