Call and Command Center Cleaning

Keep your critical 9-1-1 call and dispatch center or command environment in tip-top shape and safe and healthy for first responders and emergency response professionals.

Keep Your Command Centers Clean with Our Annual Services

We recommend a once or twice a year service to keep your center clean and healthy. We also offer yearly maintenance contracts to help reduce cost. Our service keeps your center totally live and active during the whole process. We disinfect work surfaces, all workstation structures and interior cavities, steel, laminate and fabric covered surfaces of all kinds, computer hardware exteriors, monitors, and keyboards and other common user peripherals.

We vacuum all interior spaces and crevices to remove dust and debris that have accumulated over time for hard surfaces and we use powerful steam sanitation for 24/7 seating and fabric covering on wall systems or fabric partitions.

Command Center Cleaning

We also offer COVID-19 cleaning services. Learn more about how we’re helping you tackle the pandemic.