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data center services overview


Critical Facilities Solutions has a solid reputation of delivering niche services which include Data Center Cleaning, ISO14644-1 Cleaning, US Fed.-STD. 209E Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Post Fit-Out Cleaning, Data Center Project Lifecycle Cleaning, Zinc Whisker Testing, Management & Remediation; Raised Access Floor (RAF) Installation, RAF Live Replacement, RAF Repairs, Strengthening and Leveling, RAF Ventilation Management, RAF Cable Entry Management, RAF Frameworks, RAF Panel Recovering, Passive Fire Protection and Firestopping and Testing & Consultancy into mission critical environments such as:


  • Data Centers
  • Comms Rooms
  • Server Rooms
  • Network Rooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Information Technology (IT) Rooms
  • Datacom Rooms
  • CCNR’s
  • MMR’s
  • Blade Rooms
  • Containerized Data Center’s
  • Blade Room
  • Audio Visual (AV) Rooms
  • Network Control Center’s (NOC’s)
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Rooms
  • Generator Rooms
  • Chiller & Cooling Tower Rooms
  • High Voltage (HV) & Low Voltage (LV) Power Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Containerized Data Centers
  • Network Control Centers (NOC’s)