Our vision and mission is to become the market leader and first choice for Data Center cleaning and specialist services in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. We want to be a trusted niche provider specializing in a handful of core services always putting our customers, and their needs, first. We want to be recognised as leading our industry in innovation, quality and service.

Glancing into the future, we see the industry moving in one direction. The requirements for higher density, faster, more robust and resilient IT infrastructure are gaining huge momentum. The need for trusted and unquestionably reliable service partners is growing rapidly. As the market leader and innovator within our industry, Critical Facilities Solutions keeps a finger on the pulse of all things Data Center and IT Industry related.

Critical Facilities Solutions focuses on the latest trends, cutting edge technologies, new products and services, design specifications and forthcoming projects. We constantly learn and adapt so that we are always in the best position possible to serve all our customer needs and requirements. We have watched the Data Center market develop over time and realize that the services offered by Critical Facilities Solutions are increasingly crucial. Critical Facilities Solutions aspires to be the global leading voice for Data Center best practices, efficiency, precision airflow, resilience, air quality and ISO level cleanliness. We have built a business based on respect, integrity, and honesty, on the back of exceptionally high quality, extremely professional service and offering a real and tangible benefit to our customers.

Prevention is better then cure and preventative maintenance is exactly what Critical Facilities Solutions is all about; providing a holistic overview of your facilities vulnerabilities and the potential culprits for the ingress of contamination. Our Testing and Consultancy service offers a complete review of your preventative maintenance program to ascertain suitability and identify areas within your Data Center that are at the highest risk and then provide a detailed roadmap and report with bespoke recommendations and costs to remediate any areas of concern.

Established for over 25 years, Critical Facilities Solutions has a large number of highly trained, professional technicians, team leader and operations managers, covering the USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East. Critical Facilities Solutions has multiple office locations in the United States with its U.S Headquarters in Broomfield, CO. The U.S. offices service the majority of the USA, Canada and Central/South America.

The UK, EU, and Middle East are serviced out of the UK Headquarters in Essex, England which is immediately northeast of London, serving as the main hub for all UK operations.

The company has developed and implemented a comprehensive system of quality assurance procedures, and although not currently accredited to ISO9001 or ISO14001 we are working towards achieving its objectives, including aspects specific to the Information Technology industry, bringing peace of mind to its clients.

Principal industries served include:

  • Colocation Data Centers
  • Facilitates Management Organizations
  • Owner/Operator Data Centers
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Telecoms
  • Utilities
  • MOD & Aerospace
  • Banking
  • Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • IT Services
  • Local and Central Government
  • Public Sector
  • Blue Light Services


Over 5,000 projects without incident.


All our staff are thoroughly screened and our management team are investing in the business.


24/7/365 operations with full emergency call out service.


Over 25 years working in the most critical sites we have obtained an in-depth understanding of the environments we work in, with proven & widely accepted delivery methodologies and procedures.


All our work can be endorsed or certified by current industry best practices & standards authorities including ISO 14644-1, ANSI/ISA 71.04-2013, ASHRAE TC9.9 and The EU Code of Conduct for data centers.


The ability to deliver the service in accordance with our promises and commitments every time.


The ability to change and to innovate and introduce new service offerings and methodologies to meet customer requirements.

What makes Critical Facilities Solutions technicians better?

Critical Facilities Solutions only uses security-cleared, company-trained employees, thus enabling us to control, monitor and deliver the highest levels of quality across the globe.

Every Critical Facilities Solutions employee must go through extensive background checks to obtain a security clearance, with all technicians spending a minimum of six months training alongside one of its senior team leaders before entering a data center environment unaccompanied. This gives added comfort to Critical Facilities Solutions clients regarding the individuals entering their critical environments.

Critical Facilities Solutions is committed to ongoing training and the development of its employees. All employees attend regular training sessions to ensure that the strictest standards of excellence are upheld, as well as to keep abreast of developments in technology, equipment, and best practices when working in a data center environment.

CFS’s team leaders and technicians take pride in their work and make a point of ensuring the customer is happy with the service Critical Facilities Solutions provides after every client interaction.

Why Choose Our Services?

Critical Facilities Solutions is continually evolving in response to customer needs. As specialists in maintaining the cleanliness of data center environments, our services are being specifically developed to complement our established skill-sets, working practices, processes, and technical understanding of the dynamics within the operational areas of the data center.

To successfully maintain cleanliness and air quality in the data center, a thorough understanding of the contributing factors in and around the environment is required. Direct and indirect cooling, raised floor access and solid floor arrangements, up-flow, down-flow, in-row, variable speed and fixed speed – belt driven CRAH (Computer Room Air Handlers) constantly challenge our service delivery. Rising to these challenges day-in and day-out, we have come to learn of the pains our customers have endured along their constant learning path and have risen to the challenge to help resolve these issues.

Key drivers to choose Critical Facilities Solutions Services:

Increase Resilience, through…

  • Professional contamination management – both particulate & biological
  • Airflow Optimization – improving effectiveness & utilization
  • Mechanical Floor Integrity

Improve Credibility, through…

  • Contribution to CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility, and Carbon Sustainability Reporting)
  • Compliance – testing & certification
  • Robust policy & procedures
  • Promotion of Operational Best Practices

Reduce Carbon, through…

  • Airflow Optimization- improving efficiency (PUE)
  • Optimized service delivery solutions; permanent site presence or ‘parachute’ deployed teams

Why Choose Critical Facilities Solutions?

Critical Facilities Solutions has grown to become one of the leading dedicated data center services providers globally. With a proven track record of delivering agreed scope on time, and within budget on countless occasions, our client base encompasses the entire spectrum of the globally IT-led organisations to small medium enterprise businesses; from the largest data center to the smallest IT Closet, Comms Room or MMR. Our experience includes major facilities management (FM) partners, co-location providers (wholesale, retail, owner operator and interconnects), corporate data centers, telecommunications (network, carrier, fixed line and mobile), multi-media and ISP’s.

They further extend to Managed Service Providers, and other business sectors including banking & finance, retail and logistics, transport, utilities and public sector (emergency services, government, councils, healthcare and defence). Whether directly or through our major facilities management (FM) partners, Critical Facilities Solutions (enjoys an enviable position in the data center services market.

With a highly experienced management team and skilled workforce we are continuously innovating to ensure Critical Facilities Solutions is the partner of choice and trusted advisor around the data center and critical environment, offering reliability, efficiency, value and peace of mind.

What makes Critical Facilities Solutions people a right fit for you?

Critical Facilities Solutions only employs the highest calibre staff who are truly passionate and understand the sensitive environments we operate within. Each member of the CFS team is extremely knowledgeable and has immersed themselves in understanding our customers and the technologies and infrastructure we support. Every employee must go through extensive background, employment, criminal, security and right to work checks before joining the team.  

All our technicians are put  through our in-house 3 level (beginners, intermediate and advance) training program which enables us to control and monitor the level of training each individual receives and allows us to tailor programs to each of their strengths and weaknesses. Each technician will then spend a minimum of 2 months working alongside a senior team leader before progressing to the next training level and needs to complete all 3 levels and 6 months of apprenticeship before being allowed to enter a Data Center or other critical facility unaccompanied. This in-depth training process gives additional comfort to Critical Facilities Solutions customers and partners regarding the skill levels of each individual entering their environment.

In addition to our in-house technical training all technicians are given the opportunity to obtain further external certifications such as First Aid, IPAF, PASMA, IFSM etc. This reiterates that Critical Facilities Solutions is 100% committed to ongoing training and the development of its team. CFS then conduct regular update and innovation training sessions to ensure that highest standards are always upheld, the team is familiar with and understands any developments in technology, equipment, and best practices that effect the environments we work in and the services we offer.

We take security extremely seriously and ensure that our staff have the necessary security clearances as required by our clients. These could include BS7858, DV Security Clearance, BC Security Clearance, SC Security Clearance.

We take pride in what we do and encourage feedback. Each Critical Facilities Solutions team leader and technician makes a point of ensuring the customer is happy with the service and their interaction and they will regularly ask for documented feedback or testimonials that we use to promote our services and business. Each member of our team is an Ambassador for our business.

What makes Critical Facilities Solutions services right for you?

Its simple, to be the best you need to work with the best. Critical Facilities Solutions is continually morphing and evolving in response to innovation and changes in the market ensuring we are always in prime position to meet all our customers needs. We stay ahead of the curve so we can educate and keep our customers informed about legislation, best practise and innovation.

CFS is a niche service provider and we don’t want to be all things to all people! Critical Facilities Solutions knows what disciplines we are good at and we continue to excel at those disciplines. Data Center Lifecycle Cleaning, Raised Access Flooring, Zinc Whisker Testing & Management, Passive Fire Protection and Testing & Consultancy, that’s what we do and what we will continue to do as a company. Having these services as our focal point we continually hone our skills and adapt accordingly. We never compete with our customers and work alongside them as trusted advisors and service partners.

Critical Facilities Solutions people are Data Center people, they are Critical Facilities people and to successfully maintain and manage those environments ultimately requires a thorough understanding of all the contributing factors in and around those environment. Design; construction; layout; direct, in-direct, in-row or fresh air cooling; raised access floor and solid floor arrangements; up-flow, down-flow, in-row, variable speed and fixed speed- belt driven air handling units, all of these variables constantly challenge our service delivery and methodology. Meeting these daily challenges calls for a deeper understanding of the environment as a whole. Our team have a holistic understanding of each part of the environment and how each interacts with another.

Key business drivers to choose Critical Facilities Solutions Services:

Increase Efficiency, through…

professional cleaning and air quality management, airflow optimization to eliminate bypass and wraparound airflow, floor integrity to direct air effectively and to seal ingress points, isolation of unused areas, realign your service delivery, redesigning your delivery methodology

Reduce Costs, through…

reducing excess cleaning activates, stopping ‘over cleaning’, using niche specialists with reasonable overheads, adopting volume based rebate structure, implementing robust policies & procedures and adoption of best practices