Data Center Equipment Cleaning

Whom do you give the task of cleaning your server room? Many people will not think it through and will ask the random team that installs the new fiber cables or unpacks a new server to make sure they leave the space clean.

One manager woke up to the shock of his career when he walked into a server room smelling like bleach and a couple of turned-off switches because the installation team used a mop to clean out the floor. They had pulled away almost every tile at the same time to clean the subfloor, and the results were not as impressive as they appear.

The Best Practice For Cleaning A Data Center Equipment Room

You are highly fortunate if you have a dedicated team of cleaners to do an excellent job every time they come to your facility. Server rooms should have the same consistent cleaning practices that follow guidelines that prevent corrosion, overheating, electrical failure, and mechanical complications. Read further about some specific cleaning methods we use for our server room cleaning.

Maintaining The Cooling And Subfloor Systems

Cleaning The Cooling System

The cooling system delivers cool air to the electrical setups and, in most cases, will also transport the contaminants in the pipes running across the different electrical systems. We clean the accessible areas of the cooling system and replace the filters to maximize the cooling capacity.

It is essential that we also clean the cooling coils regularly and realign any plenums and units like the belt. Over time, the build-up of dirt within the cooling system will reduce until there is almost none of it going around the electrical systems.

Clean The Room Using Procedural Steps

It is better to clean the floor in sections than to remove all of the tiles at the same time. The data room must have a specific level of pressure to support the required atmospheric conditions, and interfering with it will trigger a host of issues on the electrical plane.

Clean The Attachments

All the attachments of the servers still have the potential to carry around dirt that will get to the servers and other major electrical components. We know that these attachments come in different sizes and materials, and it would be unreasonable to use the same data center equipment cleaning method for all of them.

All the data center cleaning and sanitization tools that we use respect the nature of these attachments, and we will not use conductive materials in areas that could generate some electrical issues. The low-speed cleaners do not stir up dust and dirt into the air and it makes send to use them when cleaning the multiple layers of floors or ceiling fans.

Hiring Us For Sensitive Data Room Cleaning Services

We are trained to clean live data rooms, and you will not need to turn off anything for us to get the job done. The team will produce the same excellence for both small and large data centers, UPS rooms, network control facilities, and all other types of areas with a critical environment technology. Contact our data center cleaning contractors to arrange a consultation on data center cleaning services.

Data Center Equipment Cleaning

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Data Center Equipment Cleaning

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