Passive Fire Protection

Critical Facilities Solutions provides our customers with a complete passive fire protection service. We understand the importance of passive fire protection within the critical environment and our trained technicians are able to fulfil and deliver all aspects of passive fire protection. Special fire rated materials are used to seal holes in fire compartment walls and floors around services such as air-conditioning ducts, pipe work and electrical cabling. This protects the facility against the passage of fire and can provide up to 4 hours integrity and protection.

After installation of any fire stopping materials CFS technicians will install an inspection report and issue certification for all works undertaken. We also offer an inspection and certification for existing firestopping for annual renewals or insurance purposes.

We survey, locate and remediate open apertures that are a potential fire or H&S risks to the facility. Passive Fire Protection Services Include:

  • Fire Walling
  • Fire Baton Installation
  • Aperture Sealing
  • Fire Retardant Expanding Foam
  • Fire Retardant Cable Transit Units

Cable transit systems can also be installed through walls/floors in mission critical areas, for more information please contact